The Skulls

Hey there, we are Ryan and Jilian - a husband and wife photography and directing team from Los Angeles. We love working with commercial and editorial clients, and are focused on kids branding, and portraits. 

How it all started:

Shortly after getting together we decided to team up on a shoot for a semi truck repair service company. Needless to say that after spending the day with some truckers, both of us were amazed at how much fun we had shooting together. Ever since we’ve been side by side on every project and often have a hard time figuring out who shot what. 

A Little about us:

We have three amazing kids, Dexter, Lyla, and Ever and a new one on the way. We love traveling, cooking together, and camping; and share a passion for small moderns spaces that are more functional than one could imagine. We are both crazy about skulls and currently have over 25ish skull items on display in our house from artwork to trinkets.

What's with the name?

Nope it's not our last name (sadly) however it's us... a mix of the lights and darks, the grit and the polish - and in some way it's a hint to keep living, creating, and enjoying everything around us. Sorry no 90's movie reference here... The name was something that we both liked and after playing around with a bunch of ideas, nothing seemed to fit until we settled on The Skulls.


.Ok enough about us... We'd love to hear about you!

If you've got a project and can't wait to work with us, or if you just want to say hi - we'd love to get to know you, and we'll probably cook you dinner. so drop us a line.

Ryan and Jilian (The Skulls)